PuPPOOse Pet Stylist training gives you the skills to create a rewarding BUSINESS or career

If you love animals and are looking for a new career or a flexible business opportunity then dog grooming may just be the thing for you!

Pet grooming has changed significantly in recent years, and nowadays nearly every breed of dog can be found in a grooming salon. Salon, home or mobile groomers are a commodity and a necessary part of our modern lifestyles. Pet grooming is extremely rewarding, the clientele rely on us to ensure their pets are clean, hygienic and comfortable. Join the quickest growing professions, in one of the biggest growing industries.

Is pet grooming for me?

You will need to be able to confidently handle a variety of dogs (or cats) and have a genuine passion for their welfare. You should have great attention to detail and be able to cope under pressure and with the physical demands of the job. Motivation to succeed in the profession is vital.

How does Certificate III work?

Puppoose provides training in Nationally recognised Certificate III in Pet grooming (ACM30612)  for students looking to enter the profession. Instructor Naomi, mentors students on a one on one bases allowing you the student to flourish in their career. The Certificate III qualification in pet grooming, covers all the basics such as handling, restraint, bathing, drying techniques, pre-bath procedures, and basic trims, as well as coat types, breed standards, anatomy, animal care, OH&S and more during practical lessons at the Pet Boutique. The Theory & online part of the course will need to be completed at home, to allow the most practical time possible. You will experience real life situations including dealing with the clients, difficult dogs, matted dogs and a range of trim styles including breed standard trims, cross-breed trims styles and Asian fusion. We start at 9am till 4pm weekdays,for 5 weeks (including practical assessment time 1-2 days).We have only 1-3 students studying at anyone time. Part time study is available and if you are wishing to pursue a mobile grooming career we will do lessons in our mobile vans. Accommodation can help be sourced.  Part-time study: we understand taking 5 weeks of work can be unrealistic, so we welcome part-time students, you can complete the 25 days over 12 months, 1 day a week, fortnightly or more days per week, just let us know what you can manage and the course will be tailor for you.

What opportunities are there once I graduate?

Students are encouraged to have a plan for once they are qualified, Naomi will help fine tune your plans during the course & help you with resources. Opportunities include, employment at a grooming salon (entry role), starting a business from home, starting a mobile business, joining a franchise, grooming at a vet or super store. Basically there are endless opportunities if you willing to work hard, Naomi has a large network of potential employees including super pet stores, vets & salons. every past students has gone on to success with coaching from Naomi. The industry is desperate for qualified groomers as our pet population grows groomers cant keep up with demand, if you are looking for a rewarding career and feel dog and cat grooming is for you register today.


DGI manuals can be purchased through Puppoose Stylist, at a cost of $350 for the set of 5 manuals. The Manuals are your information guide for the online assessment work. Dog Grooming International (DGI) is the education provider for the Asessemnt part of certificate III training. For more information on DGI visit www.doggroomingaustralia.com.au/