Online Assessments are to be completed as home work, before, during or after the Cert III course. Practical assessments will be done at Puppoose Pet Boutique in Seaforth on the nominated day(s)

The Practical Assessments you need to pass to qualify for Certificate III (ACM30612) - Your Assessor is Naomi Conroy

Part 1: OH&S within the Grooming Industry
1. Conduct a mock evacuation within your workplace. 

Part 3: Wash Dry Groom and Clip.
1. Perform canine handling on three separate occasions 
in the form of a role play. 
2. Perform pre-bath groom procedure and techniques. 
3. Perform a bathing and drying procedure and techniques. 
4. Perform post-bath groom procedure and techniques. 
5. Perform an industry- standard breed group groom 
6. Perform pre bath clip procedure and techniques
7. Perform post bath clip procedure and techniques
8. Perform Poodle Points including Feet and Face
9. Perform a cross breed clip

Part 4: Client Services within the Grooming Industry. 
1. Perform client services role play phone call.
2. Perform client services role play face to face interaction.
3. Complete a practical register sale of a product or service within the 
grooming salon on three separate occasions.
4. Develop an “End of Day Balance Sheet” and complete a practical 
“End of Day Balance” on three separate occasions.